Simplifying your homes technology

We integrate…you enjoy. We pull together the homes various technologies like wifi, music distribution, home theater, climate control, security, lighting and put it all into a single interface you can understand.


Perfect for Passionate Homeowners

Whether you’re building a new home cinema or upgrading your office, ResAV has your custom audio/video needs covered.

  • Home Theater

    We create personalized home theatre setups for any budget. From highly sophisticated theatre rooms to simple yet impressive surround sound speaker setups, we help bring the energy of a live hockey game or the magic of the movie theatre straight to your home. Our home theatres can be discreet, with drop down screens and hidden speakers, or perfectly designed to fit in seamlessly with your home layout.

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  • Distributed Audio

    Our customized distributed audio systems allow you to listen to and access your music from anywhere in your home or business. If you want to skip to your favorite Bob Marley track while you’re barbecuing on the patio, or feel like switching to some Miles Davis without leaving the comfort of the couch, distributed audio enables you to experience your music when and how you want it.

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  • Lighting & Shade

    Our integrated lighting and shade control systems allow you to control the ambiance of your space, from full sunlight to cool shade, with one simple touch.

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  • Security

    Our simple yet effective security systems allow you to view your monitored space in real time on your smart phone and iPad. See at your front door or check out your cottage grounds while you’re away or home alone.

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  • Integration & Automation

    With the growing complexity of technological systems and the constant introduction of new gadgets into our lives, we are increasingly faced with devices that operate independently from one-another, which means a steep learning curve for users. Our integration and automation systems help simplify your life by allowing you to access your technology through a single, simple interface.

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  • Structured Wiring

    Although wireless technology has its benefits, nothing compares to the speed and reliability of a hardwired connection. Whether you need a solid Internet connection for work, or want to stream HD content and pictures from your home network, we provide well thought out, customized wiring schematics that allow you to keep up with emerging technologies in both IT and AV.

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Is home automation is expensive and only for the rich?

Everybody would love to have and experience home automation. With so many electronic systems in our homes, integration makes life simpler and more fun. A wide range of new products have made home automation affordable for the average homeowner.

Mr.X came to us last Year wanting us to install a couple of new TVs with sound bars in his new condo. He wanted to do a lot more but did not think he could afford it. He was happily surprised to find we could give him lighting control, automated blinds for the main room and upgraded wifi all well within his budget. He is now looking forward to growing his system to incorporate other home automation options as adding to his existing system is easy and affordable.

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